Malones Group Ltd's objective is to provide a professional, customer focused service with a commitment to comply with all environmental legislation. We strive to improve the positive impacts of our operations upon the environment and work towards the reduction and elimination of negative aspects wherever possible.

We are committed to the prevention of pollution and will assess all new proposed processes to identify potential impacts upon the environment prior to implementation.

The policy of Malones Group Ltd is that we comply with BS EN ISO 14001: 1196. We commit to implement, maintain and communicate this policy to suppliers, customers and members of the public.
  • Emission Control - Minimise the potential for any emissions to air resulting from certain products used on sites.
  • Fuel Consumption - Reduce fuel consumption through effective management of the company's vehicle policy.
  • Noise Reduction - Manage noise generation on sites to prevent nuisance and minimise complaints.
  • Power Consumption - Effectively manage the company's energy usage.
  • Waste Prevention - Improve procurement methods to minimise the potential for waste materials on site.
  • Waste Disposal - To minimise environmental impact by the segregation of waste materials where possible.
Malones Group

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