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There are a large number of energy saving grants of different types, which can help you to save energy in your home, or business. Energy saving grants can be placed into two main categories. There are those which go towards saving the energy you currently use with measures such as cavity wall insulation, and there are also grants available towards renewable sources of energy, which will reduce your consumption from the national grid. Examples of this include installing Solar Thermal Water Heating and Wind Turbines.

As a customer, you must apply for grant yourself due to the terms and conditions. However the Malones Group is on hand to guide you step by step through your application to help you reduce both your fuel bills and CO2 emissions.

There are three main Government initiatives, which allow homeowners and private tenants free or grant assisted energy saving solutions to your home.

The Warm Front Scheme

Provides a package of insulation and/or heating measures up to a maximum value of £3,500 (or £6,000 where oil, low carbon or renewable technologies are recommended. Grants are available for the following energy efficiency measures:

  • Loft Insulation
  • Cavity Wall Insulation
  • Draught proofing
  • Hot water Tank Insulation
  • New gas, electric or oil central heating system.

The Heat Project

Is one of Britain's largest and most established energy efficiency insulation schemes. The scheme Provides all homeowners, residential landlords and private tenants with grant assisted loft and cavity wall insulation.

The Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT)

Came into effect in April 2008, obliging electricity and gas suppliers in Great Britain to help reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from homes.

CERT will mean that energy suppliers will provide grants and offers to help you pay for energy efficiency measures and renewable energy technologies for your home. You can take up grants and offers from any energy company, regardless of whether they supply your gas and electricity.

Electricity and gas suppliers are obliged to promote things that:

  • Improve energy efficiency, for example, loft and wall insulation
  • Increase the amount of energy generated from renewable technologies such as wind turbines, solar panels and ground source heat pumps

Grants for Domestic Renewable Energy Projects

If you are thinking of installing a mirco generation product, there are a number of energy efficiency measures you must undertake to be eligible to apply for a grant under the low carbon buildings programme. These are as follows:

  • Have a minimum of 270mm insulation in the loft.
  • If you have cavity wall, it must be insulated.
  • Basic controls on your heating system, which include a thermostat and programmer.
  • Low energy light bulbs to be fitted to all main light fittings.

The Low Carbon Buildings Programme which is managed by the Energy Saving Trust, was launched in 2006. Grants are available for smaller projects for home owners and community groups. A grant of up to £400 can be provided for a new solar domestic heating system.

Larger grants are also available for medium or large scale micro generation projects for public not for profit and commercial organisations. Technologies include:

  • Solar Photovoltaic
  • Wind Turbines
  • Ground / Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Solar Thermal hot water
  • Renewable CHP
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