The benefits of Photovoltaic Systems?

Reduce your Electricity Bills

The power produced by a solar PV system contributes directly to the electrical demand of the building and in most installations substitutes electricity that would otherwise have been drawn from the National Grid.

The amount of money you save will be dependent on the amount of electricity that you generate and how you use this electricity in the property. The Feed In tariff is a 'premium tariff' which means that generators will be paid the FIT rate (p/kWh) for their total generation but will be able to 'sell' any electricity they export back to the grid.

There are two main tariffs that are available:

Generation Tariff:

You are paid for all the electricity that your system has generated even if you use it in your property.

The generation tariff is dependent on the size of the system, the rate ranges from 29.3p to 41.3p per KWh of electricity generated by your home or premises.

A typical 2.5 KWp well sited Solar PV installation could offer a reward of up to £900 and save £140 per year on electricity.

Export Tariff:

In addition to the generation tariff you will recieve a mimimum of 3p per KW for energy exported back to the National Grid. The proposed rates for PV are:

The proposed rates for PV

Reduce your impact on the Environment

he sun generates solar PV electricity so it is a clean fuel source. They don't produce atmospheric emissions that cause acid rain or greenhouse gasses. A typical PV system will save 450kg of CO2 per year for each 1KWp installed.

Sell surplus electricity back to the grid

If your PV system is producing more electricity than you require, the excess can be exported back onto the National Grid using an export meter.

Sell Renewable obligation certificates (ROC's)

Eligible sustainable generators, including consumers are awarded these digital certificates for every 1000kwh of electricity generated. Each certificate can be sold to electricity suppliers for up to £40, this equates to an additional 4p per KWh.

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